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A third generation storm window that provides outstanding energy savings.

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with WeatherTrapp is a high performance storm window designed to provide greater economy and optimum fuel efficiency.The first generation aluminum storm window was a fairly tight unit.  However, after a year or two of weathering, pitting and corrosion made the windows practically impossible to operate.The second generation of windows, on the market today, have tilt action and anti-friction materials for convenience and ease of operation, but they are not designed for optimum efficiency.

By combining the tight fit of the first generation, and the ease and operation of the second, we have created the third generation of storm window, the SNOWBIRD with WeatherTrapp.

How it WorksTests have proven that conventional storm windows have tremendous air leaks.  The worst leak is caused by air entering at the bottom corner of the outside sash and funneling in along the entire length of both side rails. (Figure 1)Any wind pressure pushes the outer sash away from the weatherstrip, allowing even more air infiltration.  Some of today’s storm windows have this condition across the top rail as well.  The SNOWBIRD’s WeatherTrapp feature eliminates this problem in the outer sash.

Figure 1

Figure 2

The WeatherTrapp feature is created by the use of specially designed fin-type weatherstrip on the inner face of the outside sash and on the outer face of the inside sash.  This creates a non-interrupted weatherstripped plane between the two sashes that dramatically reduces the amount of air infiltration, and is more effective than conventional storm windows.  (Figure 2)The WeatherTrapp is continued on the lower sash by the use of anti-bow pins which insure a positive seal along both of its side rails.

Fin-Type WeatherstripMost storm windows made with ordinary pile weatherstrip have some space between the fibers where air can get through.  Our special fin-type weatherstrip however, makes good windows great.  Because the center fin forms a super tight barrier, air infiltration is virtually eliminated. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Figure 4

Heliarc WeldingTo insure strength and durability, all master frame corners are heliarc welded.  A Trapp tradition, heliarc welds make corners stronger than any other type of construction. (Figure 4)

Condensation Control Because the SNOWBIRD is an exceptionally tight storm window, moisture may at times collect on the inside surface.  This indicates that the storm window is doing its job of keeping the cold air out, and that the air in the house contains excessive moisture.  The condensation may be controlled by reducing the amount of humidity inside the house, resealing the inside window, or by opening the lower sash to the locked condensation control position.
Remember – Using the condensation control vent short-circuits energy savings.  Use it only when absolutely necessary.

Side Slider AvailableThe SNOWBIRD is available in a side slider with all of the same features, plus a support bar at the meeting rail. (Figure 5)

Figure 5

Additional Features

  • Custom made to exact size.
  • Available in Mill finish, or any of 16 colors to complement any exterior.
  • Heavy metal slide bolts for greater durability.
  • Poly-backed fin-type weatherstrip that will not shrink and lasts indefinitely.
  • Charcoal colored aluminum screen for better visibility and rigidity.
  • Ratchet type vents to give ventilation every 2 inches, up to 12 inches.
  • Marine type glazing cushions glass on both sides and edge with soft vinyl.
  • Glass and screen lock in the closed position.  It cannot be opened from the outside.
  • Drain holes in both frame and sill expander.
  • Extra large nylon corner pads for easier operation

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